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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Through the eyes of a child

To see life through the eyes of a child, is such a blessing.
Mud holes are not looked upon, as a disaster in the yard.
They are treasured for all of the adventures, that can be had in them.
Playhouses are not outgrown. They evolve into a perfect reading spot in Jammies.
Chicken coops are not just visited during chore time.
 They serve as a great hang out area, safe from the rooster.
Pruning and raking, are not what comes to their minds when they see a tree.
 Instead they are viewed as a challenge, and try to see who can climb the farthest.
Not to be too competitive though, 
every one can use a helping hand once in awhile.
Yards are not looked upon, with projects of reseeding and mowing in mind.
Oh no. They are looked upon as being the perfect spot,
 to spend some quality time with their favorite people, and  a good book.
Sheets and towels do not bring to mind, washing and hanging out on the line.
Instead, they are thought of as the perfect thing to wrap oneself up in, and roll around.
Sometimes we as adults, loose perspective.
 I don't know about you...but I would much rather see life, through the eyes of a child!

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  1. OK - I am ready to be a kid again. I need some fun. Buying a kite this week and intend to use it in a field with some little people not quite half my size.