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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Things that come with Spring....

Spring just makes you want to do stuff. 
It makes you want to clean out cabinets, and put beautiful dishes on display.
 It makes you want to reorganize your last years bounty, and get ready for this years.
It makes you want to go for a bike ride...
Play freeze tag in the field...
Or make a mud pie!
It makes you want have club meetings with pals and onion grass....
Or cut a whole in your ceiling. WHAT???? A WHOLE IN YOUR CEILING???
"Sweet Man, this will not do at all!
 It does not go with my new color scheme, and I was not going for the loft feeling here!" 
 *SIGH* Apparently spring makes PVC pipes want to leak, and ruin things. We found the culprit....but not before tearing out a potty that was perfectly fine.
So tonight the princesses are without a potty, and the King and Queen without their beloved master bath shower. That's ok. The well was dry anyway. ;-)

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