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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Today was supposed to be great...

Today was supposed to be a great day. A great church service and communion lunch to follow, was going to be enjoyed. The Grandparents, from both sides of the family, were going to come over this evening, in honor of Princess #1's, 10th birthday. A cake was bought and picked up yesterday, along with a few decorations.
Last night, as Sweet Man and I were tucking our sweet girls in bed, we noticed something. Princess #2 was not feeling well. A temperature of 102 and a sore body were to blame. "Oh no!!!" The birthday girl has been counting down the days to her party, I hated to let her down. The Grandparents postponed their coming over, in hopes of staying healthy. The church service would have to be enjoyed by Sweet Man alone, but we decided to still have a great day. (with the help of Tylenol and cough syrup)

The day started out with watching their favorite movie about a dragon, all while wearing P.J.'s. Things are just more fun in P.J.'s ;-)

The movie was followed by read aloud time, from our favorite book. The irony of the title of this book, was not lost on us. We picked this up last week from the library, when we were all healthy.
This book is about a couple of fifth grade science detectives. They have their own science lab, which of course made us think that we need a science lab.....
 We found some old yard sale treasures, and an unused table to pull it all together.
I think it turned out pretty nice!

Next we had to have balloons of course. You can't have a party without balloons!!
And presents made an appearance as well.
These two were so excited that they had saved their allowances this year, to buy her a present. :-)
With the help of wonderful markdowns on Valentine paraphernalia, treat bags were a hit!
A birthday dinner, chosen by the birthday girl, of crispy orange chicken and fruit kabobs were made. Menus were wrote, and food was served, by our "waitress" Princess #1.
I had high expectations for this day to be great....and it absolutely was!!!

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  1. My dear Grace - I am so glad you enjoyed the day even when it looked like it would be disappointing. Maybe by Wednesday everyone will be well and we can make an entrance and give someone special a gift. MiMi and Gramps love you SOOOO much. How our life has changed since you came into it!