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Friday, March 18, 2011

Forgetting and becoming weary....

Sometimes the dark can be so thick, I forget their is light up ahead, if I just look.
Sometimes I feel like the Lord is speeding up my Christian growth, by piling "it" on all at once.
Sometimes I forget what this life is really about, and want to wallow in self pity.
Sometimes I get weary...

Sometimes I forget what is important, and loose track of the finish line.
Sometimes I forget who I am in Christ, and want to revert back to my "old" self.
Sometimes I forget that three little girls are watching me, to see how to handle "bad news."
Sometimes I get weary...

Then I remember that God can not be moved. He is still there. There are days I wonder what He is doing, but he is still watching over me and will see me through. He loves me and sees my laughter, along with my tears. He sends something my way to remind me. It could be a dear friend reminding me that the Lord sees what I am doing for Him, even if nobody else does. It could be a sweet daughter telling me she loves me and appreciates me, for who I am. It could be a song that was sung at just the right moment that I remembered. Yes. I remembered that I don't have to be weary. It might be this song that He uses....


  1. I love JJ Heller and I know just what you mean. I listen to K-Love all the time and I can't tell you how many times it seems like God is speaking to me through the songs they play.

  2. The words of this song and the love of our Lord have gotten me through some very hard days this past year. Thank you for posting it. I know that we grow in the valleys of life, but sometimes they seem so very hard to go through. Praising God that He is always right there with us, holding us up! ((HUGS))