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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

If you give a girl a gallon of paint...

If you give a girl a gallon of paint, she will politely say thank you.
 She will take it home with great ideas of where she is going to use it.
 It will get put in the garage, only to be forgotten.
 A year later when the second princess reminds her that she was promised a freshly painted room, she will remember. She will force herself to venture out into the unorganized filthiness of the garage, in search of the long lost gallon of light pink paint. She will look it over and deem it "still good."

If you give a girl a gallon of paint, she can turn a boring bedroom into a princesses paradise. She will paint the walls, and stand back in awe at just what an amazing difference that little can made.
Further inspection leaves her feeling that something is missing.
 She will load the princesses up in search of the perfect wall decor. 

With help from Sweet Man, and a few princesses,
 that "perfect wall decor" will be applied with such excitement. 
The bed will be made and toys organized in cute little bins, from the dollar store.

If you give a girl a gallon of paint,
She is going to have one very happy princess, who finally has a room, just as special as she is!


  1. Love Love Love the looks darling!

  2. It looks almost as good in pictures as in real life. And Sadie makes the perfect little princess lounging among the flowers and owls!