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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chicken house complete! :-)

Sweet Man and I finally carved out enough time, to finish the big chicken coop. We reclaimed some limbs from the forest, to make the perfect roosts. The girls did the lovely art work on the walls. ;-) 
Their nesting boxes were finished, just in time. The new hens have decided this is their time to shine, and their laying has begun!
The re-purposed screen door was re-screened, and the human section was finally divided from the side that accumulates layers and layers of poo. I don't care how old your shoes are, no one likes to open a door and step on fresh poo. It's slippery ya know. ;-)
Sweet Man made a lovely shelf to store my hay. Did you know chickens LOVE hay? They love to scratch around in it and peck out all of the seeds they can find. This is especially nice in winter, when foraging for wild greens isn't possible.
They seemed quite pleased that their abode was getting some much needed attention.
We were getting a lot of attention as well. They wouldn't leave us alone. Do you know how hard it is to work around this many chickens? I can tell they really love their home, just wish they loved it enough to stop roosting in my porch ceiling. :-o


  1. That is the prettiest hen house I have ever seen! I love the hand prints! Those are some very lucky chickens.

  2. Thanks Charlotte! I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. This used to be our dairy barn.....