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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Brunch with buddies :-)

Last week we had the pleasure of spending the day with our good buddies. Both families have been so busy with so many activities, that we haven't been able to visit as much as we would like. The kids remind us moms of this frequently. So, we set a day to visit to our hearts content. We started off at their house for a delicious brunch, and so many cups of coffee that I lost count. ;-) Now, anytime you get this bunch of kids together, they are going to get creative. But I was not prepared for the question that my oldest came running down the stairs to ask. "Mom, can I sit on the roof?"....."What? Are you serious?"...She was. Her buddy has a window that looks out onto the flat porch roof. He has a little camp chair that he can sit in to take in the most magnificent view. What was a mom to say? "Sure"....I did go up to help them out, and make sure they knew to  not get near the edge. I would have taken a picture, but my cup of coffee was waiting for me back down by the fire. ;-)

We came home for a quick dinner, and then were off for more adventures. Sweet Man had three college exams the next day, so I was looking for somewhere to go, to give him a nice quiet evening at home to study. Four ladies can make a lot of noise ya know. The library was having a family craft day, so we "kidnapped" our buddies and took them with us. Trying to make up for lost time of not visiting. ;-)

They made cute little Christmas trees out of ice cream cones, and LOTS of frosting.
 They decorated these little trees too.
They also made these light bulb necklaces. It was a crafting palooza!
I just think these trees turned out so neat. I think they will look great on our kitchen counter. I am thinking about making a Christmas village with gingerbread houses, and these will add a nice touch.

 Or not! "Hey, who ate the decorations?"

How did Sweet Man's exams go? Well, he passed all three!!!!!!!!
He is just so amazing! :-)

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