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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Job training ;-)

Children love to pretend, and it is a great "tool" for them to actually learn and express themselves. One of our little activities at our house, which is much loved by the girls, is pretending to be a waitress. Whenever time, and my patience, allows, I will let one of the girls serve our food at a meal time. They like to make menus of the ingredients that I have made, put on an apron, grab a note pad and pencil, and proceed to take our "order". Of course there is only one thing we are allowed to order. ;-) I am not a short order cook. Don't have time for that.
If the waitress is lucky, we might even dig through our pockets for a tip. ;-)

Even though pretending is fun. Getting to do the "real" thing is super fun! A couple of weeks ago (yes I am behind on blogging) our local American Heritage Girls troop had a pancake breakfast. The girls got to play the part of hostess and waitress. They thoroughly enjoyed the day. Sweet Man and I thoroughly enjoyed the pancakes. ;-)
Aren't these the cutest little waitresses ever?!

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