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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

The past couple of weeks have been so busy. But oh so fun! 
We had dinner with the dogs. ;-) 
 Were able to redeem some rewards for reading.
 Yes. We always get this excited over free pizza...LOL
 Visited the festival of lights...
 And was able to tell "Santa" what we wanted. Although he seemed a little nervous when Princess #1 said "another pony". This poor Santa didn't know that our girls knew the truth about Santa, so he tried to so hard to have her come up with something that she might actually get...LOL She settled for telling him to bring a toy horse. :-)
 We enjoyed the hot chocolate and cookies there too!
 We have been still trying to stay on track with our schooling....whenever the cat will let us. ;-)
 Lots of baking going on.
 And sewing. 
 And even some Christmas caroling! :-)
Last night our AHG troop visited a home for Alzheimer's patients. It was amazing to see that even though the patients  have forgotten so many things, most of them still knew the words to the Christmas songs. This time of year has always been accompanied by so much joy and wonder. It was so nice to get to see this group of girls share that excitement with others. Holidays with children are just so precious!

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