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Friday, December 2, 2011

Some days are better than others....

Some days are wonderful. Everything works like it should, and goes as planned. I cherish those days, for they are normally followed by the "other" kind. The ones that you would rather not repeat...

I overslept and started the day behind schedule.

Couldn't get the fire to start. I hate being cold!

The pony stall flooded and required an early stall cleaning and laying down of new bedding. Yes...all of this was BEFORE breakfast. I am naturally a hungry girl ya know. I need food to accomplish such tasks.

Came inside to make breakfast. Phone rang and I completely forgot about the breakfast in the oven. It burnt. Who needs to eat anyway!

Fire wouldn't start.

During school time it appeared that one of my children woke up with the case of the clumsies. Knocked over everything possible. Cups of pencils. Organized stacks of papers..etc.

After all of the knocked over articles get picked up and put back into place, I settled myself down to accomplish the read aloud time, the teacher's manual said it was time for. This is of course was when one child decided she had to poop. Now you can't have read aloud time without ALL of the students, so we wait. And wait. We can hear her singing in the bathroom, so we know her return must be getting close. As soon as she settles back down in her chair, it seems that another child has developed the urge to poop. I seriously considered calling school off to have a holiday to honor fiber at this point. But we press on after everyone is a little more "comfortable" in their seats.

We finished our read aloud and were ready to tackle learning about the planets. Did you know that we only have eight now? I can't keep up with all of these "new" findings. During this time is when it seems that one of our dogs had developed a weak bladder and had to be let out and in numerous times, during the span of what leftover time we had for school. The other dog? She must have seen my frustration in how many times I had to get up to let the other one out, for she deemed the carpet the perfect place to do her business!!

Fire won't start.

It was time for lunch, and the only thing I could find were last night's leftovers. I remembered why I have so many. No one liked it! Who needs to eat anyway? ;-)

I decide to try super hard on dinner tonight, and go all out. Around twenty minutes before I had it all spread out on the table, Sweet Man calls and says he has to work over. :-( Fancy dinners are not as nice without a Sweet Man!

Fire won't start!

I decide to have the girls strip down to their birthday suit for a bath. I turn on the faucet....NOTHING! A dry well. I wipe the girls down the best I can, armed only with a dry rag. I paint a smile on my face and make a joke about the water. I do not feel like smiling or joking. But it's what we needed at that moment.

I drag myself to bed and call it a day. I make the declaration that I will not oversleep tomorrow....and I am getting a blow torch for that stinking fire! ;-)

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  1. But you make it sound so much like fun!! You always were my creative kid - take a negative and turn it into something funny. Love ya baby - tomorrow will be better. It's Saturday and I think there is a Nordic Track somewhere under the tree.