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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Traditions

A couple of weeks ago, out our Women's Christmas luncheon for the church, the question came up about traditions. We were to share what Christmas traditions we had as a family. I just sat back and listened, not only to get some really good ideas, but for the life of me I couldn't remember what we did...LOL. Never fear, the kids will remind you if you forget. ;-)

Seeing the Christmas lights is a big one. We try to hit several light shows during the month of December.

Apparently we always take our kids to the mall to eat at the picnic place, and enjoy the Christmas decorations. This is a really big deal since we only go to the mall once a year. 
 So last week, we took our annual mall trip. We were very fortunate to be able to add seeing a play to it too! Our print shop printed the programs for "The littlest Angel", and we had complimentary tickets!!
 The girls were thrilled, and so were the parents. ;-) It was such a cute little play, and definitely added to the magic of the evening.
 Of course another tradition is baking. We do a lot of baking. I ran out of oven space this year, so we improvised and used the wood stove too. ;-) It worked beautifully.
 We also make a paper chain to count down the days till Christmas morning. Every day, one little princess, gets to tear off a link and proclaim how many more days they have to wait for that super anticipated morning. 
 Some more baking. Princess #1 found this recipe for us, and it is quite yummy. You bake up some homemade chocolate wafer cookies. Sandwich two together with vanilla icing in the middle, and then roll in crushed candy canes. It was a little bit time consuming, but the girls loved it!
 This is the product of a full day of all that baking, and a couple weeks worth of crocheting while the girls would read to me.
One of the girls favorite traditions happens on Christmas Eve. We pull out the sleeper sofa, and they all "camp out" by the wood stove and Christmas tree. I tuck them in all nice and tight, and Sweet Man reads the Christmas story to them, from the Bible. His Dad always read it to him growing up, and he is keeping that tradition alive with reading it to his girls. It is a very lovely time. We put out some cookies and milk on the counter, for us parents to eat. The girls giggle all the while doing it, wondering which one of us will eat the most. Haven't they learned yet? Of course it will be ME!! I LOVE cookies! ;-)

The next morning, Christmas morning, I will be up bright and early fixing a Christmas breakfast for not only us to enjoy, but my parents as well. This year we will have a special treat. My Sweet Aunt will be joining us for breakfast too!

What about you? Do you guys have any fun traditions that you would like to share? Don't you just love how this time of year brings about so many neat activities?

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