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Friday, December 23, 2011

Too high of expectations?

Perhaps my expectations were to high. I get that. I often am let down by a situation just for the mere fact that I expected too much out of it. But wow....this week has been rough. We have been a little too busy on homemade things.

We had a set of braces put on. Have you ever had braces? Do you remember how painful that is? Well, I have been reminded....several times. :-(

We have lost a vehicle, only temporarily, and I am thankful it wasn't much worse. Sweet Man was driving through town when his brake line busted. He came super close to being hit by an ambulance on it's way to the hospital. Had to drive straight through the light. He joked that if he was going to be hit by anything, an ambulance was probably the best choice. We signed up for life insurance a couple of days later....

One little princess has decided that she doesn't like a single thing that I make in the kitchen. It has been an all out war every meal time. I did not expect this. I have worked super hard on their eating habits. I do not have the patience for this at all. Lord HELP ME!!!!!

One of the other little princesses decided to throw a fit during school this week. She didn't want to do work, she wanted to just play and listen to Christmas music. She doesn't realize that I start night shift in 13 days, and I am starting to freak out wondering if I perhaps have bitten off more than I can chew.'ll be okay...Right??

Oh yeah...Sweet Man and I decided to give our presents to each other early this year. We just couldn't wait any longer. LITERALLY! A backed up septic system 2 days before Christmas. Are you serious?? "Let's spend the holiday digging it up and having it pumped out."...:-( You better believe that wasn't budgeted for..
As I scroll through the posts on Face book, yes I am on Face book again, I can't help but feeling a little sad by all the joy filled posts. Families playing games together, or baking.  That is what this time of year should be about. JOY. Instead I have one child out in the barn crying, because I expected her to eat spaghetti and meatballs, one hubby digging out in the cold on his much needed day off, and a whole lists of stuff I am supposed to get done for other people. I am plum wore out. I think my expectations were indeed too high for this day.


  1. You are soooooooo not alone on the "should be Joyful" part. If you read my comments on Facebook this past week you would feel a lot better about your stressfulness! We are going through the same things! Hang in there! I love all your blogs! Mom (Toni Moffatt) sent me a link. I have a new blog ok it has one blog! That's how busy I have been! Thanks for the smiles!

  2. Love you girl! It has been a rough one here too. ((((hugs)))) and prayers.

  3. I know sometimes life is overwhelming, but you always end up counting your blessings after you stress out a little. Know you are loved by many and would love to help and support you when you need - just give us a call (or send down a few of your stresses, we can handle it!)

  4. I am over my pitty party now. 400 dollars broker, but ok. We actually had a pretty good laugh about it after the fact. Definitely a christmas we won't forget. ;)

  5. The First Christmas was in a dirty stable not so much different than the digging up the septic. I'm sure it wasn't easy or plesant for Mary and Joseph but out of it all came the Light of the World. You may think that your difficulties are only a burden but through them you bring His Light to the world ( or at least to those of us who read your blog) Thank you for that! And HAPPY New Year :)

  6. Thanks you guys! :-) Really appreciate all of you!