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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A day in our lives..

There are some days that I sit down to write about the events of our day, and I don't really have anything in particular that I want to remember. Then there are other days that there are so many neat things, I can't decide which one to write. That was the case today...and since I couldn't decide on one in particular, I thought I would write about them all.

This morning I popped my head into Princess #1's room, and asked if she would like to go jogging with me. Now, this is my normal alone time activity, but she is getting older and I am trying to find new ways of bonding and spending time with her. I want to have a strong relationship built on trust, so that when she gets older and those teen age situations come up, she will feel comfortable talking with me. I also thought that perhaps I could run slower with a child in tow and the neighbors would think I was doing it on her behalf. Not that I have been hanging out at the local bakery testing their goods and now am stuck toting them around on my backside. :-o We had a really nice run together, and I am pretty sure she deems herself my new running partner. I'm ok with that!

After our run we came home to take showers and make our fruit smoothies. We woke the other princesses up, who had a sleepover together the night before, so we could get our day started. We finished school in record time to be able to meet up with some pals at a local park. One of the many joys of homeschooling, our recesses are so much LONGER than those at school. Every good homeschooled child knows, as long as their mom is enjoying good conversation, they will be left alone to play.

We left the park to head to the grocery store. Since I blew my whole grocery budget on vitamins and supplements last payday, we thought it was high time to get some eatable food. We ended up grocery shopping with one of our pals from the park, which the girls thought was a hoot! The joy of shopping with friends is learned at an early age. :-)

The drive home from the store was very pleasant. We stopped at the thrift store and ended up scoring a pair of running shoes for princess#1, and cowgirl boots for princess #2, which of course brought the question up...."Mommy, when can I have a pony?" Not sure if those boots were a good deal now..LOL Since we couldn't find a new pair of shoes for the youngest princess, she got to pick out a purse. Not just a plain purse mind you, but a sparkly prom purse. :-o Hey, you’re only 5 once..

We pulled into our neighborhood with our windows down and hair a blowing in the breeze. Smiling and singing along together with our favorite CD. "What in the world is that?"...I say to the girls. We slow down, turn off the radio and spot one of our chickens cruzin around the neighborhood with NO tail feathers. I had to laugh at the sight of this. Even though we have a farm at the back of the subdivision, one does not normally see a chicken in this particular area. The oldest princess jumped out to chase it down, but it ultimately found a hiding spot under someone’s canoe, which is right about when the neighbor’s basset hound made and appearance. Sweet man was called on the much beloved cell phone, and he quickly showed up to save the day as usual. This is right about when the neighbors started coming out of their houses to catch the "show". Chicken was saved and reunited with her peeps, and groceries were put away.

All in all I would say it was a great day! They say that you write the story of your life, and today I would say we wrote a pretty good one!

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