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Thursday, February 10, 2011

For the love of creativity!!!

The three little princesses and I had the privilege to visit some friends of ours the other day. This was the first time we had ever been to their house, and the the girls were ecstatic. They acted like we were heading to Disney World or something. I love going to other people's houses and getting great ideas from them. Raising kids can get messy, and I am always open to new ideas on how to contain/organize their junk stuff. This mom had all of her kids creative toys available for them to use, in a place they could actually reach. Hmmmm....what a concept!! I want my kids to be creative, but I have ended up stashing their stuff at odd places that they can't reach, or even know about, all for the sake of organization (but out of sight). Maybe that is why the princesses have started saying they are bored? They can't find their stuff!! The next day after our play date (which we loved) my brain started spinning. It  is prone to do that, and it doesn't stop until I act upon it. So, I got busy.  I needed a bookshelf. I didn't want to buy one though. "Oh wait, I have one in the garage that Sweet Man made me years ago"...I thought to myself. But it was covered in sporting gear and planting pots and seeds. Not to worry. I quickly dumped it all in one pile, to deal with later. Hey, my brain was spinning for kids stuff, not garage cleanup. We can do the garage another day. This shelf ended up being filthy, as most things in that garage are. That's where the girls came in....
 Many hands make light work you know....
The part I didn't get a picture of, was lifting this bad boy up the flight of stairs into the house, by myself. Oh the girls wanted to help..but I just saw that ending badly. I took one for the team you might say...pulled a few muscles out of my stash of Super Mom supplies, and got to work.

Next came the fun part....
A scavenger hunt of sorts. We took our laundry baskets around the house and found our games, puzzles, play dough..etc. and piled them up on the couch for organizing. Then I sent the girls to finish up their school work. They were bummed. They wanted to help put them on the shelves, but this is where my little control issues sat in, and I said in my most stern three year old voice.... "No, I want to do it...all by myself"....and then I smiled at them, and sent them on their way!

And hour later, and we had a great place for the girls to get creative, and perhaps leave me alone for just a bit. Just kidding of course ;-)
 I think it turned out pretty nice!
I made the girls finish their schoolwork before they could see the finished product. They were so happy when they finally did get to take a peek. It was like Christmas, make that Better than Christmas morning. I didn't have to buy any of this stuff...already did that years ago. This stuff was all new to them though. They had forgotten they even owned this many cool things. The rest of the day was spent going through this shelf and making up things to play.

One of the princesses  found this neat rubber band gun...
 Along with some easter eggs as targets, and you have a really cool game
The other two found EVERYTHING! They pulled just about everything off of that shelf to examine it thoroughly. Like I said...raising kids can get messy. They were good little girls though, and put it all back right where they found it, because they know...not only can I talk in a three old voice, but I have a thirty year old one as well! ;-)
They painted, glued, sewed, played games and made crafts. I would say that it was a very "creative and artistic day"...and it made me feel good. Tired.....but good!
Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." 
Pablo Picasso

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