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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The sun finally made it's appearance

They said it would happen soon...I wasn't sure if I believed it!
They said that winter wasn't forever....I wasn't convinced.
Then I woke up yesterday morning, and I saw something unfamiliar.
Something beautiful, but yet it seemed so out of place.
Then I remembered, this thing is called the sun, and it is awesome!
This day was made for going outside!
All of the chickens were let out. I was a little bit worried about a neighbor's dog that likes to visit though. Don't want to be feeding any gourmet chicken dinners to the neighbors. :-o I asked Jessie to be the watch dog and guard the chickens...
Jessie....GET UP!! That is no way to guard your flock. Oh forget it...I'll ask your sister. CLOVER!!! Here girl...
*sigh* Good help is so hard to find...

With the wind being described as quite gusty...
It was perfect for flying a kite!
 Oh,how I have missed nice weather. Weather that will let you go outside without 45 minutes prep time finding hats, gloves, socks and mittens. That bright blue sky does something wonderful for my mood. It's hard not to smile on a day like this!
Jessie agrees! ;-)

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