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Friday, February 4, 2011

Kickin it in high gear!!

Ok...truth be told, right after I wrote the previous post...I was sick AGAIN. Honestly, I think I was sick the whole time, but wouldn't admit it. I have a tendency to not listen to my body when it needs rest. I just keep thinking, if I keep moving, somehow "it" won't catch up with me. It did. I have felt terrible. The girls have felt terrible. Sweet Man is starting to feel terrible. It's just TERRIBLE!!..LOL  We do try to take our health seriously over here. We have been drinking  many concoctions of smoothies in these super neat glasses, I scored at the local thrift store for $1. I just love a good thrift store!!!
I have tried to beef up the healthiness of our smoothies,  by adding some of this lovely stuff...
Oh, the lovely Royal Jelly. It looks like honey...but tastes absolutely NOTHING like it! Very bitter. But hey, we are trying to stay healthy over here. I was willing to give it a try.  Apparently, it's not working. We need to step it up a notch. Kick it in high gear, ya might say. So...this morning, bright and early, while Sweet Man and the girls were off in dream land, I headed out. Did you know you can actually go to the store without kids? I was unaware of that..(don't want to risk the girls picking up anything else ya know) . I made a trip to my favorite myself. :-) The Healthy Life Market. A place where you can literally blow your whole grocery budget, and come out with only two small grocery bags, and nothing to eat! ;-)  I don't have time to get sick, I kept reminding myself, to keep from passing out at the total! I have an evening job that does not allow for sick time. Hmmm... Come to think of it, my daytime job doesn't either. I have children to school and raise, a hubby to cook and clean for, animals to take care of, a co-op to run...too much to do, for someone that doesn't feel 100%. So...I shopped...(and prayed that Sweet Man would agree that our health was worth it ;-)
I came out of that store coughing and sneezing, but armed with weaponry to fight this terrible stuff. My apologizes to the store employees, for the fact that I might have contaminated you with  my germs. I figure you guys are already taking enough of this stuff, you should be fine. :-o  I bought probiotics for us all, an elderberry immune booster, Immune boosting tea, Vitamin C drink, and of course some raw health bars. I am so addicted to anything that is healthy and in the shape of a bar. I don't know just seems like it tastes yummier, if it's in the shape of a rectangle. 

I made a short stop at Kroger's,  for our staple groceries..
And then headed home to share my bounty with the members of the household.  Hopefully by this time next week,  we will feel like our old, make that, Better than our old selves! We have been depriving our bodies of sleep lately, in order to get everything done on our imaginary lists. Hopefully some of this goodness will make up for it! We only get one body...trying to treat it right....but gee golly, that can get expensive!

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