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Monday, February 21, 2011

Rockin out on President's day!

One of the many challenges for farm girls nationwide, would have to be mud. I am always happy to see warmer temperatures arrive, but I am fully aware of the consequences that come with that. Mud covered cars, shoes, kids, dogs and perhaps even chickens. With the cost of gravel being right up there with asking for your first child, it doesn't get ordered very often. This month Sweet Man has been working LONG one day he worked 17hours straight :-o...and then of course I have a part time job as well. With this extra income we thought it might behoove us to indulge in the luxury of being able to drive up our drive way, in 2-wheel drive.  So we decided to order gravel.

Today was the day!!! Can you sense my excitement? I woke up bright and early to make that call to the stone yard. :-) We waited and waited, and finally got really impatient and decided to move onto other things to pass the time. We of course did our school and scrubbed a few potties in between spelling words and math sheets. This just wasn't as exciting as it sounds we moved on to something a little more fun.

We started getting ready for our Valentine's Day party, at co-op this Friday. Yes, of course I know Valentine's day already passed, but this way we get to celebrate a little bit longer! :-)

 Licking the spoon is a treasured activity around here.

At last....we heard something...IT WAS HERE!!!
 Even the dog was excited!
 Sweet Man of course had to do a little spreading...and we now can walk to the car without loosing a shoe, (or a kid ), in the mud.
Gravel. Truly is a girls best friend!

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