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Friday, February 25, 2011

What's one to do?

What's one to do, when you have a late night at work, but still have to be somewhere bright and early the next morning? You wake up, take a NoDoz pill and hop in the shower. You convince yourself that you will have a great day. You go to blow dry your hair, and the power goes out. You say to yourself that you know Satan wants you to fail today, and you won't let him win. You pack your hair stuff and load your girls up and head on out to the church. You set up for the party that you had planned for this day, and then head to the bathroom to finally fix your hair. You have a few set backs at the party. With a group that size, there will always be a few. But no biggie...
You have a special speaker come to teach a little about bee keeping...
Games were organized by a sweet co-op momma...
 And the children thoroughly enjoyed them!
 Valentine cards and treats were exchanged, and a yummy lunch was eaten together!

What's one to do, when you come home tired and exhausted, only to find out that the neighbor's dog has indeed either eaten, or run off all but two of your laying flock? You scour 40+ acres in hopes of finding some survivors, all while wearing your good shoes, and the only pair of jeans you can remember paying full price for. You get hung up in a few briars, and get turned around a bit. Do you cry? Yes. but just a bit. You're so tired and not really feeling like a nature hike at the moment. Your hubby helps you look, for he is feeling guilty for letting them out earlier in the day. You go home. You have looked long enough. You have to get ready for work.

What's one to do, when the power goes back off again, after you have already cleaned and set things up for working from home tonight? You call everyone and tell them they will have to meet you at the office, instead of your house, and you pack up the snacks you had laid out. You light the fire, make a cup of tea, and sit with your dogs.
You have family members that are dealing with heart failure, cancer, surgeries etc. You can handle this. It's just chickens. You just about give up hope when you see one at a time coming out of the woods.

They seem to be saying..."Shew that was close, I think that dog wanted a piece of me!" Then as they start to congregate and share just how terrified they were, you hear one ask Momma hen, "Where is Penny, Mable, Clarice and Henrietta?" The sweet and loving momma hen gently puts her wing around her to console the stunned child. She lets her know that it was a "wee bit closer" for her four missing sisters, and they won't be joining them tonight on the roost.  "Chin  Beak up girl, we've got a lot to be thankful for! I hear the farm wife might be making pancakes in the morning, and if she make the super healthy ones there will probably be tons of scraps for us to eat"!


  1. Wow. That was awesome! Thank you for your eloquent and heartfelt life lesson shared with all of us. Hard but beautiful. God be praised.