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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sometimes she forgets...

Six years ago we were blessed with the gift of a cat. She had wondered into our pastor's neighborhood, and the owner cold not be found. She has to be the most mild mannered cat alive. Very sweet and happy to be loved on. We were very excited to be able to give her a home. Not too long after acquiring this new family was made known to us that she was with child. Many of them!! We let her have her babies, and entertained the thought of keeping them. She had five! We of course had to keep them for awhile, but slowly found new homes for all of them, except one. Six cats is way too many for me! So we have had our two little Himalayan Siamese cats for several years. We have grown to love their quirky ways, and for the most part they are very enjoyable to have around. But sometimes they forget very important things.

Miffy tends to forget that she is a cat. Instead she is convinced she is a dog...and will try to participate in activities with the dogs. Warming themselves by the fire has been a daily practice.
She tends to forget that this in indeed, the dog bed. Although the pups wouldn't dare try and take this away from her! 
She will forgo using the bowl of cat prove that she is big enough to drink out of the dog's water.

Not to be left out on the forgetting...Sheqwa will forget that stink bugs are not to be messed with! Batting one around for hours on end, will produce a foul smelling house! :-o
They tend to forget to share the steps, and will not move their furry bottoms out of the way, when someone tries to pass.
She forgets to get out of the way during a puppet show...
And not remembering that hermit crabs are not toys...will lend to a quick smack on the head from a princess.
She forgets that smiling goes along way and can add beauty instantly!
But that sunning oneself can lead to dry unattractive skin.
Even though these furry critters tend to forget a lot of very important things, there is one thing they never forget...
To be available for loving on! :-)

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