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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Around the farm

 Blackberries preserved for fall and winter baking.
 The log pile is getting bigger.
 We were so excited to harvest grapes this year. I know you can buy them at the store, but there is something so exciting about picking them right out of your back yard. We have seven vines, and they started producing for us this year. :-)
We have had several lazy porch days!
 Of course there are always eggs,
and this sweet little lady that offers to gather and wash them for me.
This momma deer, along with her two little sweeties,
 have been enjoying the bounty of our farm this year.
 All because this little sweetie has decided to take up "deer watching" instead of  "deer chasing".
That's okay...I like to watch them too Clover.
Just wish we didn't have to watch them eat all our yummy stuff!

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