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Friday, July 8, 2011

Missing my Girl!

Today's the day!! Seems like I have been waiting for this day forever. In actuality though, it has only been three days so far, that I have been longing for this day. What on earth is so special about this day you ask? I get to bring my princess home of course. This past Wednesday she left for "Wilderness Survival Christian Camp", and our home has definitely felt the void of her not being here. I am normally not a fan of sending my kids away without me, but I went to this camp last year with our American Heritage Girls troop, and fell in love with it. They not only teach a love of outdoors, they teach a love for God. After we came back from our group camping trip, I signed her back up to go alone to the junior survival camp. This year will be her third time having gone there. They do rock climbing, hiking, zip lining, campfire cooking, team building exercises, and have a church service every night. Last year she came home on fire for the Lord. She had rededicated her life to Christ, and wanted to "live according to his plan." I could tell it was a couple days well spent, so naturally I agreed for her to go again this year. I can't wait to hear all about her adventures this time, and to see her sweet smiling face.
These experiences are so good for kids. They get to learn to be more responsible and have a chance to make new friends, but the past few days I have been a Momma hen without all of her chicks and I am ready to have them all back under my "wing" again!

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