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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Princesses in flight!

How do you top or even match the most awesome camp experience ever? Well, I don't really know or even think you have to, but it sure is fun trying! :-) I remember coming home from my summer camps and almost being kind of let down. You have a week chock full of friends and exciting adventures, and then you come home to chores. So when we were invited by one of our friends to a free Young Eagles flight class, we jumped on it!

After we picked our little princess up from camp, we came home to celebrate with pizza and ice cream. Everything is more fun when you add ice cream! :-) Then we watched a movie on the Wright brothers to prepare us for our morning adventure. FLYING!
 Checking out how a plane is built.
Health Net copters will always have a special place in my heart! 
 One flew my Dad to Cleveland Clinic last year.
"Boarding their flight"
So proud of these little Princesses!

 Princess #1 was able to operate the radio and even tried her hand at steering, which she said "I don't think I am a very good at that!"
If that pile of dirt wasn't in the way, you would be able to see their plane lift off. ;-)
Safe and sound back on the ground posing with their pilot.

What an awesome memory to deposit in their memory banks. As you can tell by the photos, it was a blast. What you can't tell is that it was 92 degrees with no shade. We took refuge under a wing of a waiting plane for a bit, but still are sporting the worst farmers tan we have had in ages. Hopefully people will think we just worked hard around our house all weekend, instead of plopped down in a chair eating hot dogs all day. ;-)

Thanks again to our pilot friend! You made 3 little girls VERY happy, which makes the parents happy too!


  1. Fantastic! I'm so glad they had a good time. You must really trust my hubby. :-) You'll have to come back another day so you & your hubs can go up, too.

  2. LOL....I told him right as they were boarding "you know, this is my whole family!?" :-) He was so patient and sweet with them. They have talked of nothing else this evening. The hubs and I would love to come back out sometime!

  3. Thanks for coming out today. I know you had a long wait, but I'm glad the girls had fun. I'd be happy to take you and M. Up anytime-- just let me know!

  4. It was a long wait, but well worth it! :-) I think we will let you recover from your full day of flying children, before we ask for our turn. ;-)