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Friday, July 15, 2011

Blackberry time

It's blackberry time!! Our property is chock full of the prickly blackberry and raspberry bushes, and they are finally ripe! Sweet Man drove the girls and I to our biggest patch, so we could harvest away. He had to focus on his college class. That is where a laptop comes in. ;-) Everyone should get to further their education in the shade of deep woods!
While he was busy studying, we set off to fill our buckets.
Everyone was so "in to it" for about the first half hour. After that the younger two lost interest pretty quick. I decided to tell them the story of the little Red Hen. You know, the one where she tries to get helpers to plant the grain, water it, harvest it, grind it and then finally bake it. No one would help and when it finally came time to eat it everyone jumped up to have a yummy bite. She then asks, "who helped me plant it, water it etc.?" Since none of them helped her with it, they were not given any to eat. I thought I did a marvelous job telling this story to my girls, all the while filling my bucket. I was quite pleased with myself, thinking I was teaching them a wonderful life lesson, when Princess #3 looks at me and says, " That's OK, I don't even like blackberries." Geez, what a tough crowd! :-o They ended up playing in the back of  the truck, while Princess #1 and I continued on with our "job."
I am trying to figure out just how much studying was being done back at the truck. ;-)

We had full buckets and scratched up arms and legs, so we called it a night. We got to take the beautiful drive back to the house.
I am going to can a majority of the berries to be able to use them throughout winter. But blackberry muffins just sounded so wonderful, for an early morning breakfast to be enjoyed on the porch, with my coffee and my dog.
 On second thought, I guess I'll share. ;-)

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