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Friday, July 1, 2011

A puppet and fair day.

Our local American Heritage Girl's group had an all day puppetry camp at Sassafras Junction yesterday, which left my good buddy and I a full day without children. Perhaps I was a little too eager to drop them off...we were almost the first ones there. :-0

 This is very rare, and for the life of me I couldn't decide what I was going to do ALL day. I could clean. NOPE, I do that enough and it really isn't that exciting. I could bake. NAW, that doesn't sound good either. Oh, I know...We could go to a fair!! Yes, that sounds wonderful. Don't you just love a fair? All kinds of food that you would probably never eat if it wasn't at a fair and handmade goodies galore. My budget didn't allow me to really shop these goodies, but I stored mental notes of new projects I want to try.

Don't you just love this booth? I need a white shirt. Apparently soap makers wear white shirts. All kidding aside these ladies were super nice and I could have hung out with them all day!

 I came away with the desire to get a book/video on dying yarn, making beads, more soap goodies, photography and of course pottery! Wouldn't you love to be able to sit down and drink a cup of coffee out of a mug you made with your own hands? Me too! Maybe one day I will get to try my hand at that intriguing form of art. My buddy and I enjoyed talking with all the vendors and learning about their crafts. It is so weird going to a fair without kids. We didn't have to visit the face painting booth or the potties numerous times. :-o As much as I love going places with my girls, I really enjoyed the free afternoon.

While I was enjoying the fair, my girls were busy making these.
They had an awesome day and enjoyed telling me every detail. There were of course the puppet making sessions along with a pizza party with ice cream. They even got parts in a show and were able to perform for the audience. My socks are no longer safe though. I have already had one turn into a "friend" for one of their puppets. ;-)

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