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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The teenage the chicken yard!

The baby chicks are fully feathered now, and ready for the big coop. Yesterday the girls  introduced them to the big chickens on campus, and it went pretty well. Everyone seemed to settle in quite nicely...until dinner scraps were thrown out.  They are brave for their little size...or maybe just stupid! I already saw one chase down one of the big hens, for a crust of bread. Very funny sight indeed. Little guy did not get the crust, but a swift peck to the face instead!
 Mama hen was pretty quick on showing her little crew of three, how to escape the fence. Apparently she forgot beagles love little chickens. Not in the cute and cuddly way either.:-o
Lucky for those babies, that this farm has three little girls, who love their chickens. They were quick to their rescue.
This princess is sure that chickens say thank you, by roosting on your finger. Do you know what chickens do when they roost? They poo....Wonder if she still thinks that? 
No playing in your food!!!
 "Gertrude, did you smell that dog? Oh my Word she smelled horrible, and they say chickens stink!"
 Bad hair feather day. ( I think this chicken kind of looks like Wolverine)
 All three teenagers back together again in the dust bowl. Pretty sure one of these little a rooster. Anyone want a rooster???????
 Thinking this might be the best kind of rooster to have. ;-)
 This picture has nothing to do with this post at all. But isn't it pretty?

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