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Friday, December 10, 2010

All about Fun!!

If I had to sum this day up in words, it would have to be called  "All about fun." We started our morning off with a co-op field trip to an inflatable gym called...... you guessed it... All about Fun.

We were just giddy with excitement!
 To throw caution to the wind...
 And just enjoy being young and full of energy!
 Our hearts were so full of love for "new" blessings...
 And for not so "new" ones too :-)
 To be able to sit in a group with special friends, and share parts of our lives together is priceless.
 We got to "practice" our crocheting just a wee bit....
 And tell some really exciting stories too.
A very special friend, generously gave me SEVERAL bags of clothes for the girls. That in itself is super fun. When we came home it was a free for all, of trying on clothes and cleaning out their old stained clothes, to make room for the "new" ones. Isn't is great how the Lord provides for all things?!
Hope thinks so too! This is one of the dresses that she claimed. 

We are having our Women's Christmas party at church tomorrow morning with a cookie exchange. I needed a new recipe. One that has something different. One that I haven't tried before. I decided on Cranberry, Pistachio, chocolate chunk cookies. They looked pretty yummy, but shelling all of those pistachios can get old fast. Not to worry. I have help!!

We mixed all of the ingredients, and with the green nuts and red berries they look quite festive.
Here they are rolled  into logs to rest in the fridge for a bit...
And of course we needed to do our gingerbread house!
Ok, so we actually did this last night, you didn't think I was super mom did you? One can only have so much fun in one day ya know ;-)


  1. You got great pics at All About Fun! Would you email them to me for yearbook?
    That's the same gingerbread house kit we got.

  2. Sure. I'll email them as soon as I figure out how :-0