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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Romance movie...

We are movie watchers here at the Fry house. After a long day of work and responsibilities, we love to put the princesses in bed, and veg out with a movie. These movies are frequently action/ adventure movies, that women are not supposed to prefer. I pretend that I am suffering through them. The other evening Sweet Man brought home a romance movie. I was touched that he tried to pick a movie out for me.

The plot of a romance movie is always the same though. Two smokin hot people who love each other and don't realize it just yet. They are always so different than real life. The man is always bringing home flowers, candy, love notes etc. They always wake up looking just as hot as when they went to bed, and they have dinner dates almost every day...

Now real life looks a little different over here. Smokin hot, is not quite the way I would describe myself (as I sit here in my sweat pants and uncombed hair) Sweet Man is another story ;-) The most exciting thing that I have been given lately was a pack of toilet paper when we had ran out. Now that is not something you want to be out of, in a house of five people, who eat everyday! Morning breath is always hanging around in the wee hours of daylight, and hair is sticking straight up like a bad horror movie. I can't remember the last dinner date that we had, without kids, who needed extra honey mustard for their chicken nuggets.

Ahhh the romance movie....totally sets you up for failure. Give me an action/adventure movie any day!! I love you Sweet Man, and that was some of the nicest toilet paper anyone has ever given me ;-)


  1. Love this! You got me thinking. We are movie junkies too! Especially old, black & white. By the end of the day, we rarely have the energy to endure a full-length feature film, so often we turn to Fancast and watch a quick Alfred Hitchcock. The plots there are always the same as well, husband/wife grows weary of wife/husband, secretly plotting the perfect way to end their troubles usually with financial gain involved. It leaves us eyeing each other suspiciously and afraid to close both eyes as we go to bed. Yesterday we finally took the time to use the free movie tickets that I won and actually go to the theater (after well over a year of having a theater date) and could hardly enjoy the Dawn Treader without longing for the kids to be there seeing it with us! Ah, the lovelives of parents!

  2. So funny about not being able to close both eyes...LOL. Glad you got a date out...but I know what you mean about missing the kids. I do the same thing on the rare occasion we get to go out.

  3. Too funny! We veg out too on movies, the latest surprises that weren't supposed to be liked by us girls were Inception and The town - both very good.

    Have a great New Year!!

  4. Happy New Year to you too Nita!!!! Thanks for stopping by :-)