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Saturday, December 4, 2010

A week in photos

This past week was a very busy one to put it mildly. With the "new school" being on the computer, I felt the need to clean out and reorganize the girls school room. We have tons of books. Books that we will probably never have time to read/use. I ended up cleaning out 3 big laundry tubs of books that we decided did not work/fit our school style. The newly cleaned out bookshelf looks so much better now.
We organized all of our craft/school supplies in left over cans. 
When the motivation strikes to be creative, 
you don't want to waste time looking for supplies! ;-)
 Their little stacks of homework fit so neatly there too!
Not only did they learn how to do their new school on the computer,
 They also learned how to video chat with each other and Daddy. 
I am sure this will come in handy one day.?
Still working on the alphabet over here though......
 Kind of looks like I am raising future telemarketers.  :-0
We had our first "big snow" this past week. I say that jokingly of course. 
There was barely any snow on the ground, but to my kids it was enough
 to throw their responsibilities to the side, and run out to frolic and play.
 I think they had to clear about an acre of property between the two of them, 
to scrounge up enough snow for their "snow balls"...but they still had fun!
And of course with snow playing, comes hot cocoa and marshmallows. 
(And a ton of wet, soppy, muddy clothes)

We sewed several outfits for some much loved stuffed animals. 
(Shhhh, my girls don't realize that I don't really know how to sew)

We danced...
Tried pop rock candy for the first time...

 Even the dog got in on this activity!

I made a few local dinners, one being waffles with raspberries and sausage. I didn't grow the wheat for the waffles, but I did grind it. 
That should count for something right?
 Yes, we frequently have 'breakfast' for dinner.:-) It's cheap and easy!
 The girls helped me fill our freezer full of local raspberries this past summer. 
Store bought berries can't compare!
The sausage came from a friends farm. The first time I have had sausage in years. If you can get over the fact that it is actually meat, it's really tasty! 

Even though we were so busy with everything else this week, 
I thought it pertinent that we work on getting along. 
Accepting each others differences. 
Realizing that God has a plan for our uniqueness. 

The resident critters 'got it'. The girls....well, let's just say, they are taking a little bit longer. ;-)

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