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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A day of Hope!

  Yesterday we had a trial run with the computer based schooling. We are using time4learning for all 3 girls. Sweet man is very techie and always has loads of computer parts, cords and other stuff, that I have called junk in the past, just laying around. I have been known to complain that his many cords to 'this' or 'that', just don't work with my decor. Yesterday, I stood back and looked at all those cords in the girls school room, and thought they were the most magnificent, and most beautiful things ever.

 I can't say that it went smooth or great. Sweet Man warned me that there would be glitches and things that needed to be worked out. He told me to not get frustrated. He should know me better than that by now. :-) The girls were on new computers, that they haven't had experience with. They couldn't figure out how to turn the sound up or down, how to log on, how to reopen a window they accidentally closed. There were problems with their current web browsers and I had to download new ones. They needed flash players, headphones, and a snack of course. I kept telling myself,  "it will get better." I really do have hope that it will. They loved their lessons, and I felt encouraged that it was advanced enough and not just wasted time.

 When I first stared homeschooling, I had someone tell me, that when their family starting homeschooling she felt like she lost her mom and gained a teacher. I have never forgot that. I want to be a fun mom, but that fun mom leaves abruptly when 'she' feels like school work is behind. I want to bake cookies, play games, watch movies with the girls, without worrying in the back of my mind that we aren't doing enough 'school'. I like to be relaxed with the girls and enjoy them, but I also want them to be able to function in the real world and have the skills, to not feel like they had been cheated when it came to their education. On the other hand, I don't want to focus so much on school, that they feel like they never get to have fun and enjoy the blessings of being home with mommy. It's that whole balance's killing me!!! :-) I really feel like this school program will help. They can be doing the bulk of their school, while I am ironing, scooping litter boxes, or perhaps even working out. When they finish, we can read together and do a craft or activity. Sounds good to me!

 Last night Grace and Sadie had a date with Mimi and Gramps. (my parents) They were going to a Christmas play and then out to eat. You had to be at least 6 years old, so that left Hope not able to go. G and S were very excited. They showered, had me paint their nails and fix their hair. Sadie was in the mood for a hair cut, so I pulled out my scissors and gave her a little bob cut. I think it turned out really cute.

With the older two girls gone it left an evening with Hope. She got to be the big girl in the house and wash the dishes. (I rewashed them, just in case;-)
We headed out to Dairy Queen to get her an ice cream, and just so she wouldn't feel bad about blowing her diet,  the parents go one too ;-)

 Sweet Man could only come up with enough stuff to build / re-purpose two computers, so Hope was without one yesterday. He had seen in the ads the other day that Sears was having a really good deal on little computers. Seeing as to how I was in sweat pants, and didn't even brush my hair for the day, we had him drop us two ladies back at the house to watch a movie. You know the mall is not somewhere you go during the biggest shopping season, looking like you just woke up, and not expect to see someone you haven't seen in years. That might give them the impression that you ALWAYS look that bad. They might not realize that you were a working fool that day, and just couldn't bring yourself to flat iron your hair, or put on those jeans that you can hear the seams ripping when you bend over. Hmmm.....maybe it was me that was supposed to be on the diet...I can never remember these things!

Sweet Man returned with the new computer for Hope. (which will be her main Christmas present and probably our grocery money :-0 ) She was so thrilled. She asked if she could do more school. I'm thinking "sure!" She learned how to blend words, and the spelling of a few. Daddy gave her a little computer class and showed her how to do a few things on it.

I was reminded this morning in my devotions, that with any important work, the payoff may not be immediate, but the results will stand for eternity. Thank you Jesus, I so needed to hear that!!!! There are some days when I can't remember why I am doing this. It's not easy, it's not cheap, a  lot of people don't do it, and their kids turn out fine. Then I remember, God asked me to do it. Only He can really see the reasons and the outcome. Trusting He knows best.......

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