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Monday, December 20, 2010

A fun and messy week!

This past week was chock full of activities.

The girls caught the local "taxi" to my parent's house for a shower.
 There are definitely advantages to having a dry well...hubby and I were home alone!!!
We had a fun filled day with our friends, from our home school co-op, visiting the Clay Center. We watched the ballet performance of the Nut Cracker. Can I just say that some things are better left to the imagination, and men should NOT wear tights like that.... especially white ones!! :-o
We learned how to pull our own free rides here ;-)
 We found out that tasks are easier when you have help...
And that life is all about the Yo-yo, with many ups and downs...
that shouldn't always be taken too seriously! Laughter really is the best medicine one can give!!
We made our weekly loaves of bread...that were eaten the first day :-o
We played in the snow..and had a lesson on exactly why we DON"T eat the yellow snow!
We tried a new recipe that involved the taking out of our frustrations on candy canes. ;-)
 Why is it that my dryer only shrinks my jeans around Christmas...?? So strange....
We had our Christmas party with my Mom's side of the family, with a game of charades to go along with it!
We had an evening of family joke telling...
and trying to see just who is the most flexible around here...
We had a scavenger hunt to find a treasure....
 An early Christmas gift that led to an evening of fun!
With a week like that, it left my house looking like a bomb went off inside. We had dishes in the weirdest places...(??I am guessing one of the princesses is practicing multitasking)
For fear that the Health Department might try and shut us down, it was time to take action!!
Saturday we had an all out cleaning day. Couches were moved and vacuumed under. Beddings were washed. Floors were swept and mopped. Toys and clothes were organized and put away. This momma went to bed very tired, but very happy. I had a clean house...for a day ;-)


  1. This is fantastic. Looks like you had a great week. Email me Clay Center pix? I was so busy chasing my kids that I didn't take any photos at all.

  2. Sure thing Sarah...just give me a bit. I am heading out to get my hair cut WooHoo!!!!! I took a bunch of pics of all the kids...not just mine..LOL

  3. Sounds and looks like a TON of fun! Those brownies have me thinking I may just have some shrunken jeans soon as well. :)