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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My new car came in the mail!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago my Sweet Man accompanied the girls and I on our grocery shopping run. We were so excited to have him spend the day with us. With him keeping an eye on the girls as they danced through the aisles , I was able to REALLY look at what in the world I was buying. I made the joke to someone last week, that I normally just stick my arm out and walk through the store, and let whatever I hit fall in the buggy. There is definitely some truth to that. ;-)

When we made it out to the car with our overloaded buggy, we were faced with a problem. The groceries normally go in the passenger seat of the car. With hubby being with us, there was no empty seat to pile the goods on. Now I love my car for many reasons. One of those reasons is that it is paid for!!  Can I get an AMEN on that one?! In theory our car has so much space. When we bought it we were so excited that it had three rows of seats. Now to use all three rows there is NO storage space for anything, except maybe a My Little Pony toy. To actually sit in the third row you have to either be a contortionist or not have any legs. My girls have legs.  They have been pretty compliant with having to bend in awkward ways, but it's getting old.

With our laps full of groceries and frustrations at an all time high, we decided to drive around and look at cars. I told Sweet Man that I really wanted a Ford Edge, but only if it was copper in color. The first used car lot we went to had.....a Ford Edge, but it was black. Our gravel driveway isn't suited for a black car. They just end up looking kind of splotchy gray. No temptation there.  At this point one the princesses expressed her need to go potty. RIGHT NOW!! Sweet Man offered to take her inside while I chatted with the man with dollar signs in his eyes. He mentioned that they just received a "new" Edge the day before and it was.....copper in color. I was like "No way, for real?!" Sweet Man returned and the negotiating began. We needed to know bottom line, what this was going to cost us on the month. We were told that they had a great interest rate and it would only be around $450 a month!! After I  regained my composure, I looked at all those groceries in my car. We very politely said we would give him a call if we were interested, knowing full well, we would never be giving him a call. For you see, we wouldn't need to worry about where to put those groceries if we bought that car, for there would be NO money leftover in the month to buy them.

We chatted about what didn't "work" with our car. The main thing I wanted was to have all three girls in the same row of the car. Our girls travel very well , and they like to play with each other. Without have a full seat belt in the middle seat, we always had one girl in the back. By herself. We looked online and found a seat belt that I felt comfortable with, and it was only $40. Much cheaper than a new car.
An instruction course was needed on how to use the thing.

This past Saturday, Sweet Man had some free time to work on installing it in the car. The girls were so excited. Not only do I have all of my girls in the same row of the car, I also have two empty seats in the back that can be used, if one feels inclined to make enough effort to get back there.
My mom and I were the first ones to try it out. We took my parents to see a live nativity and the festival of Lights this past Sunday.  We let the men set up front. God made women more flexible you more ways than one ;-) Just kidding of course.
 Enjoying the hot cocoa.
 My Sweet Dad and Mom!
 Sadie showing us that she thinks it's  entirely to cold.

My girls know that Santa is not real. It was hard to keep the meaning of Christmas centered on Christ, when they thought this big guy would be bringing them gifts. Gifts that  their mom and dad couldn't afford. Gifts that he got all of the credit for......but they still enjoy sitting on his lap and getting the free candy cane!

So I guess I got a new car for Christmas. I am very excited about it. I don't understand what all the hype is about this "new car smell though"....I think it still smells pretty gross! :-)


  1. I'm about falling over from reading that your kids get along in the car and travel well. Even w/ my boy & big girls separated by rows, they still argue the whole time. "Mom, J just said I'm ugly! Mom, J just threw a headband at me!" and Baby K is OK for the first 20-30 min of a trip. From minute 31 through 1.5 hours of the trip, she will scream as though a bee must have stung her in her seat and we can't find it. This is just a fraction of why I dread the 6 hour round trip drive to "enjoy" Christmas w/ Rick's family & the 5 hour round trip drive a few days later to exchange gifts w/ my side of the family. Congrats on the "new" car, though!

  2. Sarah, I know it's rough when they don't get along in the car. My nerves can't handle that. Something about being confined in a car with screaming kids can just about put you over the edge. I like to think it's because I have super parenting skills that my kids do get along in the car...but in all actuality it's because of the verse "the Lord won't give you more than you can handle"...and I can't handle that ;-)