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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Victims of an air raid!!!!

Around 8 years ago, Sweet Man and I set off on an adventure. We wanted a piece of land to raise our child (we only had one, at the time) and perhaps some veggies on. We also had a horse being boarded at a nearby barn, that we wanted at home. We didn't know where we wanted this piece of land to be, or what the house plans would look like. We knew one thing though, we wanted a metal roof. A RED metal roof.

To me, a metal roof screams farm house. Comfy home, full of good food and happy people. There were so many reasons that one should have a metal roof, according to the metal salesman, but I only needed one. You could hear the rain on it. I don't think I realized just how much you could hear that rain, until we moved in, and I tried talking on the phone during a rainstorm. I told the person I was going to have to call them back, after the rain was over. I had a metal roof. A red one.  I still loved my roof.

Now one thing I did not take into account, was the dropping of bombs. Oh yes, every winter we are bombed. That lovely snow builds up on our roof and with a day of warmer temperatures, or perhaps a little rain, the snow slides off the top roof onto the porch roof. It is so loud that it normally sends everyone running around the house making sure that some huge catastrophe hasn't taken the life of someone. Last night, around 2:00a.m., we were the victims of an air raid. Or so we thought. We had warmer temperatures AND rain.  To be in a deep sleep, and to be awakened to what sounds like a scene from World War 2, is just about enough to give you a heart attack. Needless to say, we did not get a whole lot of rest. Oh, they have little things called snow birds, that are supposed to help with that, but we were on a budget during our house construction, and we tried to build as cheap as we could. We can always add those later we thought, you know, when we aren't on a budget. HA...still waiting ;-)

So if you see me out tonight, Sweet Man and I have a date, forgive me if I look a  little tired. We have a metal roof you know. A red one.

This picture has nothing to do with the post.  I just ran across it and loved it! This was Brownie and Honey, two of my ponies. They had a metal roof too!


  1. Nice story. You are quite good at writing

  2. Must be all of those writing books Sandie bought me. ;-) I am working on reading the last one right now. I super enjoyed them!!!