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Monday, November 29, 2010

Multi tasking at it's worst

As a homeschooling mommy of three, I am often asked the question, "How do you do it all?"  Well, lately it has been very apparent that I don't. I either have a clean house or educated children for the day. I either get to do my devotions, or have my workout time. It is very hard to actually do it all, and I often wonder who in the world does...for very long????. I can keep it up for awhile, but it  starts to wear on me.

This past week I really felt the pressure to make sure each child was receiving what she needed from me in her schooling. I paid attention to detail and tried to see how far and how fast we were progressing. It is hard. I go back and forth. I can see they are learning lots of stuff, but is it enough? I think every home school mom probably struggles with wondering if they are doing enough. There are always so many interruptions. The phone rings, you get an email you really need to take care of, the neighbor dog is trying to eat your chickens, (you mean that doesn't happen at your house?), viruses pass back and forth between family members for what seems like an eternity, lunch time rolls around and you realize you need to go to the store, doctor apts, dentist apts, orthodontist apts etc.....Arrrrrrrrgh

The other night I broke down and told Sweet Man what a hard time I was having. That is huge for me. I am not one to admit that I can't handle something. I'm a country girl, we can handle anything, I tell myself. Apparently not. 

There are so many options out there for homeschooling, one being a computer based program with lessons, tests and report cards. I had used it awhile back, but I really didn't feel like I wanted my child growing up staring at a computer all day. Now I am thinking it might be the answer to my prayers :-) As I type, Sweet Man is working on building the girls their own little computers for their desks, so they can do their lessons while I work out.  I am ecstatic!!! I will still have to do some hands on stuff for sure, and I like too. It's just hard feeling like it all falls on me to explain, motivate, and assign. It was easy enough to handle with one child, but three is a bit more of a challenge.  

Shhhhh....this morning we even had pop tarts ;-)
Hopefully tomorrow these shoes will get some much needed time, while the girls are learning up a storm!

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