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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tis the Season...

 It's been five LONG weeks of some kind of illness here at our house. Five long weeks, of keeping buckets by the girls bed, just in case. Five long weeks, of thinking you are finally over some illness, only to get another one. Five long weeks of Urgent care and Pediatrician trips, to only hear, "it's a virus and needs to run it's course". I have been trying to stay positive and keep an upbeat attitude...but it's getting hard. It all started with a "mommy, I don't feel good", several weeks ago at one of our homeschool  co-op's. I get one kid healthy, only to have another "pick" up something else.  We have had everything from throw up, that "other" stuff, colds, fevers, runny noses and all around grouchies. We are juicing, drinking our carrot juice, eating our whole grain muffins, taking our vitamins, wiping down our grocery carts with not one, but FOUR Clorox wipes, and washing our hands. Yet, we still seem to be drawing germs to us like a magnet in a metal shop.

 Thinking that this Sunday might be different, I put on my positive attitude and prepared for church last night.  I loaded my girls up in the car, to go to my parents to take a shower, our well was dry.  I had the house all cleaned up, so I wouldn't have to worry about tripping over some mess in the morning, that would put me in a bad mood. I had the laundry washed and put away, dresses ironed, lunch planned, and shoes cleaned and ready to go.  As I was tucking them in last night, after our nightly story from "Doyle and Fossey", I noticed Hope was not looking so hot, or rather, she was looking VERY hot. She was running a fever AGAIN. "Lord, don't you want me to go to church", I ask???..

 Today I stayed home with Hope, while Mike took the other girls to church. Wondering if there is still life out there, at the end of this beautiful driveway....

  I helped get the other two dressed and then plopped down in my chair with my Bible. Realizing I was reading the words, just for the sake of reading them, I put my Bible away, and just chatted with God. Why is it that I find it so easy to strike up a conversation, with just about everyone, or everything else, but God. I chat with my chickens, my dogs, my cats, and friends and family. But the one who REALLY knows me, I struggle sharing my dreams and concerns. Guess maybe that is what He was trying to show me today...

 Hope woke up feeling fine. Thinking this might be the last of the "sickies" at our house...but we'll keep those buckets out, just in case ;-)


  1. I guess it went downhill from the Blog huh?? I am just glad that the doctor knew what was wrong tonight and started you on something that would get you back on your feet. I'm praying for you tonight baby,


  2. He is always faithful to us :) He hears the groanings of our heart. He knows when we are “broken” or “out of tune.” And when we call on Him, He knows exactly what we need. What a wonderful Lord and Savior we serve!