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Monday, November 15, 2010

What it takes to get a date around here....

  After taking care if sick kiddos the past several weeks, I have been feeling run down. I don't like to admit that I am sick, for fear of looking weak or whinny. The natives take advantage of that you know ;-) Yesterday I stood at the bottom of my stairs, thinking it would be just as easy to climb Mt. Everest, and every time I coughed, I felt like I had been transformed into a fire breathing dragon. I had lost my voice, think sweet man was secretly happy, and knew it was time to give in, and go to the Dr. My Mom came to sit with the girls. Have I mentioned how wonderful my Mom is?

   Urgent Care is an interesting and gross place to be. Waiting room patients totally disregard the little signs that say "cough in your elbow". People are sneezing and wiping their hands everywhere. I kept picturing a scene from Myth Busters, that proved that germs spread 8 feet when someone sneezes...and I was only 2 feet away!!  The girl in front of me in line to sign in, was eating something that looked like food from a bag, and started to lick her fingers to clean them off, so she could hand me the pen!! That's when I REALLY started talking to the Lord! "Please Lord, don't let me contract some deadly disease here, you know I didn't have time to juice this morning".

  The Dr. was pleasant and cracked a few jokes with us...I think. He was talking so quietly and quickly, I really couldn't understand him. He gave me a prescription for a Z pack and some strong cough medicine, and said I was the proud owner of Bronchitis.

  We headed to the pharmacy to buy these wonder drugs that would transform me back into my normal self. We had a few minutes to wait, while they were being filled, and it looked like the perfect time to have a "date". Me, being all dressed up in my sweat pants and feeling rather poorly, I suggested the drive through. A baked potato and frosty were enjoyed, without having to share with any princesses'. Please don't be jealous, I know not everyone gets to have these romantic dates. :-)


  1. Got a take it when you can get it. Hope you're feeling better.

  2. Oof! So glad you didn't get anything from the food friendly gal and I will be praying for a quick return of health and full lung power for you. - Angela