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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sometimes yes...sometimes no!

This past week was a LONG week. We were sick yet again, and starting to get a little depressed from not being able to go anywhere or see anyone. The one day I started to feel better we woke up to the electricity being out, and with the electric being out at our house, there isn't any water. No water, means no shower. No shower means, going NOwhere. We tried to make the best of it. We baked biscuits on the wood burning stove and only caught 2 completely on fire ;-) made coffee and beans on it as well.

We played board games and just about the time I thought I might go completely mad, I decided we needed to take a hike. Literally. One child refused to go, but was forced anyway. It only took 20 long minutes to get everyone dressed with socks and all, and as soon as we stepped outside to go...the power came back on. Even though I act like I don't like modern technology, I realized that day how much I love it. I let those kids play as many video games that they wanted! It had been a rough day to say the least.

Sometimes as a mom I feel like all I say is NO. Sometimes I have very good reasons. Other times, I think I just say it out of habit. I started thinking about a few things that I had said No to, and couldn't remember why I said it. Sometimes I over think things.....I think. The girls could tell their was a change going on in mommy's brain, and took full advantage of it. :-) One child wanted to know if we could have doughnuts for breakfast..".umm...Yes," I said. I was hungry. One child wanted to know if we could decorate for Christmas a week early...."ummm. Yes", I said. I was bored. One child wanted to know if we could go to Beaches Resort (she saw a commercial)...umm..."that's my girl, aim high. Don't settle for the mediocre. Reach for the stars, but No."

Isn't this the nicest nativity scene? We got this at our church's yard sale this past summer, and this was the first time we had seen all of it. It was like Christmas taking each piece out of it's newspaper wrapping.

One of the things that I had said no to, was letting the girls get their ears pierced. I had wanted them to wait until they were ten, that way they would appreciate it, and be able to take care of it properly. Lately several of their friends have had their ears pierced, and I could see the longing in their eyes. I talked to sweet man about it, and we decided that it really wasn't a big deal or necessary for them to wait any longer. We had family night on Friday, and after the movie we surprised them by telling them the good news. It would be an early Christmas present.  They were ecstatic to say the least. We loaded them up bright and early Saturday, and headed out for breakfast and a day at the mall for the big event. It was a very nice day, and I remembered how special I felt as a little girl when I had mine done. I heard the girls giggling and talking in their room late last night, about how wonderful it was and they just couldn't believe it. I think we made the right decision.

Today we were well enough to go to church, and it was awesome! I had so missed our loving church family and the smiling faces that went with it. It is so easy to get in a funk when I don't have that reminder every Sunday, that God is wonderful and He is working all of life's details to better me as a person and mom.


  1. So glad you all were feeling better and we able to get out to do such a memorable thing!! The girls look so happy! I missed you guys Friday and am so glad everyone is better!!

  2. Thanks Darlene <3 We hated to miss co-op. We look forward to those days so much! Hopefully we will be in great health for the next one. :-)

  3. Loved reading this Kristen~and was so happy that little Miss Hope came over to me today to share "something new." I have thought the very same thing before....why do I say "no" when it's just as easy to say "yes?" So happy you're all feeling better and had a great weekend together! love you all!

  4. Thanks for letting us stop in and play last night, also tell sweet man he is such a sweet man for going with the flow on those kind of days! ;)

  5. Anna- so glad Hope shared her good news with you! :-) No, does seem to be easier to say doesn't it? Must be because it only has 2 letters instead of 3...;-) In all seriousness, sometimes I think I am messing my kids up so bad, that if they turn out ok at all, it's only because the Lord stepped in.

    Michele- We LOVED that you stopped over to play! Sweet Man just wants his girls to be happy doesn't he? He is great!! So is your Sweet Man!