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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ode to the coffee pot

Awe, the coffee pot. Such a wonderful invention. Conversations seem so much better when shared over a hot cup of coffee. My trip to the grocery store last week was a great one for coffee. Aldi's had several new coffee flavors out. Hazelnut and Winter white chocolate chunk were two of the flavors I brought home. I also picked up several yummy creamer flavors. Having these wonderful coffee ingredients inspired me to clean out my cabinet, and dedicate one whole shelf to conversation worthy coffee.
Princess #3 must have been marveling at how great the coffee pot is as well...(her face is red from having a tooth pulled minutes earlier)
For she deemed it her new hiding place. For food that is. Food, that she "says" she finished or drank...when she indeed did not. This morning, it was her carrot juice. Yesterday, it was a bowl of yogurt with chunky fruit in it. She prefers plain. I also found a 2 day old brown, peeled banana back there too. Do you know that fruit flies magically appear when kids hide food? I told them it's "God makin sure you get caught". He doesn't want them to grow up to be deceitful you know.
On a school note...This morning my oldest princess told me she had a request for school. She would like to start having homework and a report card. I stare at her blankly, like she is from the moon or something. I mean, what kids asks for that??  I am thinking that I must have heard wrong, for these antibiotics make me feel loopy. I thought I should ask her if that is what she really said. It was. Oh dear, I think. I can barely get the normal stuff done, and now I have to assign homework and do a report card!!!!. Not wanting to stand in the way of this child's education, I get right on that...after I stare at the ceiling for a bit. Did I mention that this medicine makes me a little loopy? I found a bunch of odds and ends school books that we just haven't had the time to do.
I pulled a page out of each book and stapled them together. The oldest is thrilled that each day after school, she can just go and get one little packet out of the stack, and work on her own, in her bed. The middle child, thinks this is the worst idea ever.  I am thinking this will be so much easier if I am sick, like that ever happens,  or we have to go somewhere. They can just grab and go. 
Drive through schooling :-)

Thanks to my special Momma for bringing us dinner since I was feeling "under the weather". Guess there are some perks to admitting you're sick. ;-)


  1. Congratulations Hope - losing teeth is more exciting for the person taking the picture than the person having to give up a tooth. You sure are cute with or without that tooth.

    Love ya Baby,

  2. Anytime - I hope you are doing better. You still sounded rough this afternoon.

  3. I am hoping this isn't me new voice!!! I sound very rough don't I?? The kids are enjoying this I'm sure...I can't yell or anything ;-)