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Monday, November 8, 2010

First impressions...

First impressions really do make a difference on how you think about things. I have been wondering lately about what kind of impression that I give to others when they meet me for the first time. I hope it is that I am happy, energetic and ready to take on the next adventure, but sadly I might come off as being grouchy, lazy and tired :-0

In regard to first impressions I gave my entry way a good look over. It was dark, boring and no attention to detail showed here. Sweet Man and I have been tackling that, to change it into something AWESOME! It all started with the painting of the door to change it from barn red (I love barns, just wanted to let you know that) to bright white. Then we needed a shelf of course to put knick knacks on (that were on sale the previous season), and a coat rack to invite visitors to relax and stay awhile.
Then a clock was needed, without batteries, to prove that we aren't slaves to time. We make our own schedule here!!
Then sweet man trimmed out the forgotten window at the top of the foyer, that had been collecting cobwebs and stuffed animals (don't ask)  for the past seven years. With the window looking so snazy, it was the perfect place for my cow!
Last but not least, Sweet man built a quilt hanger to display the quilt my Mom gave me for Christmas last year. It was made by my Grandmother :-) I think it's a great place to honor the hard work that went into the making of this, and I don't have to worry about sticky fingers on it!
 Now if you would have popped into my living room the other day, your first impression would be that these children must have tied their mom up somewhere and proceeded to trash the house.
But if you look again you will see that it was our blue day. They had a scavenger hunt all around the house to look for blue things, and then they had to classify them. Now don't go thinking that I am some super creative Mom, it was in the teacher's guide ;-) The girls loved finding the stuff. However the putting away was a bit more of a challenge. Trying to teach responsibility here you know, so while they were cleaning it up, I made myself a second cup of coffee and observed ;-)

If you walked into my kitchen this morning your first impression would have been that I made awesome muffins. They look nice in the picture don't they?
They were TERRIBLE!! I apparently put to much salt and not enough sugar in these. Oh well, I said I like to serve my kids a hot breakfast, I didn't say anything about it being good!

On a personal note, sometimes I think I give the impression that I don't care about the way I look....
Well, that's not true at all. I'm just so busy making sure everything and everyone else gives a good first impression, that I hope the way I look, will be OVERlooked ;-)


  1. I'm sure the kids scarfed up the muffins regardless! Your entry looks great. It's a great idea to take a conscious look at our surroundings from time to time and reassess whether it needs freshening up. I love your chandelier, too.

  2. Sarah, if you put enough butter on something, it ends up tasting good ;-) Thanks...that chandelier is chock full of cobwebs. It seems kind of fallish to have cobwebs I'll leave them till another time. :-)