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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Diamonds really are a girls best friend!

I often think if I was a child in the public school system right now, I would be described as being ADHD. As much as that is looked down upon, I rather enjoy being that way. It keeps things exciting ;-) I am often asked what curriculum I use in our home school. The answer is always different. I get bored doing the same thing day in and day out, and I believe the girls do too. We keep our math and reading programs the same to ensure we are on track, but the other stuff changes frequently. Recently, at one of our Mom's night out, a friend had told me about unit studies with lap booking. If you don't know what lap booking is, check this site out. It explains it with pictures. Don't you just love pictures? The thing I love most about unit studies, is that they are short, and you only study a topic for a week or so. Although, for us it takes longer, mainly because I get distracted easily too! What is the whole point of this paragraph you ask??? girls love mysteries and I love diamonds, and we found a unit study that combines both!!!! Here is a sample you can look at if you are so inclined. :-) We started on it yesterday, and we all loved it so much. They actually keep begging me to do more, even though I wanted to be pretty much done with school. ;-) With all of this learning going on yesterday, not a whole lot else was accomplished. We ended up having leftovers for dinner and then headed out to run errands and vote. After that, we made a quick stop at the library to pick up some more books on CD, and some books on gems, which will pretty much keep the girls occupied for awhile.  The girls are so excited about learning right now, which makes it that much easier for me!! I guess diamonds really are a girls best friend.


  1. great job, love reading your posts, Hope you are keeping them safe my child

  2. Hmmm . . . Sounds like you need a stone polisher . . . But if I know you, you already have one! Love reading your blogs, but they make me jealous!

  3. Don't be jealous Andrea...:-( I think it is easy to glamorize someone's life....I do it all the time in the other blogs I read. I should probably take some pictures of how the dogs got in the trash and spread it ALL over...or post about how I am having problems getting the girls to get along right now...or how I have to beg the Lord every morning to help me be patient and kind to the girls...that doesn't always come natural. Or maybe you said you were jealous because you think I have real diamonds? I don't....just the one that was given to me 13 years ago from sweet man!