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Friday, November 12, 2010

The time has come!!

Our baby chicks are growing up!! They are mostly feathered now and eating tons of food!
They have learned about sharing and taking turns at the watering hole.
They have learned how to create a pattern while roosting.

They have also learned that there is a whole big wide world out there...and they want to see it! They want to spread their wings and fly. They want to feast on natures bounty, and not worry about fitting into their feathers. They want to spend the whole day exploring new things with their friends and hopefully not get eaten by the resident farm dogs.
The other day while I was lazily sitting on that little stool you see there...I noticed that one of my sweet little hens was being pecked on. (out of boredom I suppose)  I don't take lightly to my children picking on each other...human kind or animal kind...and I realized that they aren't babies anymore. It was time to move on out of the laundry room. Sweet Man had been working on turning my goat house into the new and improved   chicken house. I love my old coop. Isn't it adorable? It's just not big enough for all 38 chickens. I still can't believe I have 38 CHICKENS!!! That is a lot....
But the new coop and old goat fenced area,will be just perfect for them to root around outside during the day, and come inside and roost in the evening. Oh yea....and lay their eggs too! Come February look me up if you need eggs, we will have PLENTY to sell! :-)
We moved the little chicks into the "big house" the other night. They were scared to death. As much as they wanted this new adventure, they were afraid they might not survive it. I figured they needed a motherly mentor, to show them the ropes of living in this big new world. Sweet Man and I visited the old coop, in the dark, not knowing exactly where Mr. Pecky the rooster was, to retrieve this sweet girl.
This sweet little white hen is my setting hen. She has hatched out several little chicks for me, and I figured she was just the one for this job. I am not sure if she feels honored to be in charge of 26 chirpy chicks, or punished in some way. Either way, she is doing a fine job. Her days have been busy showing them how this adult life plays out. They seem to be at ease just knowing she is watching out for them. Everyone needs a good Mama, who puts her wishes and dreams to the side some days, to make sure that her little ones turn out to be wonderful adults! I love my setting hen...and my own Mama!!

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