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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Favorite things

A saw a commercial awhile back, of an Oprah show where she was going to showcase her favorite things. I thought it would be nice to showcase a few of my favorite things.
First on that list has to be my washer and dryer.
With a well that runs dry, just about every morning by 10:00a.m., a water saver washing machine is the way to go. With my old one it would take two days to do a load of laundry. I would start the load in the afternoon, and have to wait till the next morning to finish the rinse cycle. With this pair, I can do two loads a day. Isn't that exciting?

Next would have to be my vacuum.
With so many animals in the house, it is very appropriate that our vacuum is called the Animal! This baby sucks up so much junk off my floor, it's just awesome!

Of course my phone has to be on this list.
I's not as fancy as some, but the people on the other end sound the exact same as they do on the fancy phones. ;-)

I love my little corner in the family room.
To be honest, the only reason this made it on my list, is because of what it allows me to do. Sweet Man and I have a habit of putting the girls in bed, and then pulling out some serious junk food and chowing down late at night. The only way I can do that and not feel totally guilty, is to spend some time in my corner ;-)

The only way I can get motivation to use that corner is with one of these.
I can't tell if I love this iPod so much because of the super cool music it plays, or the fact that the girls think I can't hear a word they say when I wear them. When I first got these they would often try to have deep conversations with me while I was running. I would just look at them and say, "I can't hear ya sweetie. Go tell Daddy". They have learned to not even try anymore. I have seriously thought about just wearing them all the time. They wouldn't have to know that they weren't on. ;-)

Closets. They have to be on everyone's list. 
You know, that space you pile everything that you have no idea where to put or what to do with. It takes great skill to pile things this high, and not have someone injured when opening the door. I've been practicing for years. ;-)

My coveralls
Sure, I like to feel pretty. But these things are magic. When you put these on, things get done. Coops get cleaned out. Fences get mended. Firewood gets stacked. Porches get painted. Dress clothes can't compare to these!

Foggy mornings.
I love em!!!

Fruit that is as confused as I am.
Is it an apple or a pear? They couldn't tell either, so they called it an applepear ;-)

Paper plates and cups.
Fine china has nothing on this baby. You don't have to worry about the kids dropping it. You don't have to stress, over stuck on food being on it when company comes over, and you can let the dogs lick them without any strange looks from that company.

And at the end of the day this is my favorite.
A nice comfy bed with cat hair on it!

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  1. I'll pass on the applpear, but the rest is great!