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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Spa Day!!!

Yesterday started bright and early with a trip to Urgent care for Sadie. She had been running a pretty high fever for two days straight, so we thought it best to see what might be going on. They gave her an antibiotic, but they give you one for anything from a sore toe to strep throat we still aren't sure what is going on with her. Guessing it's just a virus that needed to run its course.

With Sadie being sick the whole family stayed home from church again this morning. (Church members..I promise we ARE coming back!!!) I really tried to take a day of rest, but when I opened the closet door to our bathroom and tons of beauty products fell on me, I decided it was time to organize. Don't you just love beauty products? I have some that claim to make your hair straight, curly, shiny, different colors, poofy or flat. I found every scent known to man in the form of lotion that swears to take away stretch marks or make you tan. I had acne cream, wrinkle cream, day lotion, night lotion and so on. I never use these mind you...they were just on sale ;-)

After I cleaned out and organized this small Sally beauty supply closet, I stood back and admired it. Wow, I bet I would look so nice if I actually used this stuff! So, I decided to have a spa day. You know the kind that you actually paint your own nails instead of someone else's. The kind of day when you light those decorative candles and use the bath salts that are only for special occasions. The kind where you put a Mary Kay mask on that makes it look like you forgot that LAST week was Halloween. The kind where you make a cup of hot tea and run the well dry filling up that garden tub. :-0 With the well being dry it freed me up from doing laundry and dishes, so I got to soak extra it was at least 10 minutes!!!!

After pampering myself so, I just couldn't bring myself to whip up a huge dinner, so we used leftover taco meat and store brought refrigerated rolls to make a taco bake thingy. Grape salad  went alongside it perfectly. If you have never had this salad, I suggest you give it a try. A friend from my old church used to make this...I miss you Monnie! Good memories were made around this salad :-)

Tomorrow it will be back to coveralls and chores. At least for one day I got to feel pretty and have a spa day ;-)

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